THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Free Download for Android

The King of Fighters '98 is a 1998 fighting game developed by SNK, which is firstly released for the Neo Geo arcade and home console. It is the fifth game in The King of Fighters series. Now it’s available on Google Play, priced at $3.99.

King of Fighters ’98 falls into the franchise’s “dream match” category, which usually means the game will have a much larger cast due to not being constrained by the storyline. As such, this particular title features a wide variety of characters, including single entry fighters like Rugal Bernstein and Shingo Yabuki.
Players will be able to compete using the game’s standard layout as well as a simplified mode suited for touchscreen. It will also include multiplayer via Bluetooth wireless connection. The gameplay is just same as the arcade version. Players may fell that the controls are hard as we used to enjoy it with real joystick and button. Whatever, players can download this for free to have a try:
How to install:

1. Unzip the file and copy the game data to your Android folder. You should see
the fold like this: Android\data\com.snkplaymore.android007

2.Install the cheated apk and enjoy the game!

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