Download Deus Ex: The Fall for Free

Deus Ex: The Fall, a FPS published by Square Enix, was released on both PC and mobile. It’s available on Google Play on January 22, 2014, priced at $6.99 and it also offers in-app purchases.

The story is set in 2027. Payers will be the main character Ben Saxon, an augmented mercenary who was formerly a member of the British SAS and Belltower Associates PMC. The story in the game directly follows that in James Swallow's Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, a tie-in novel to the 2011 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
The movement for this game words well. Players can drag two thumbs around the screen like others FPS. Double tap on the screen will send the character from point to point in the maps. Players can swipe the screen to change the viewer. It may be harder to get used to the movement when players explore in huge environment. Players simply tap on the target and then hit a button to shoot.
This game is more likely a RPG game. The battle seems few for FPS. The currency is coin, which can unlock and upgrade the powerful weapon. Now we found a cheated version of unlimited credits, bullets and experience for Android. Players can download it now for free:
How to install:
1. Unzip the file and copy the game data to your Android folder. You should see the fold like this: Android\obb\
2. Install the cheat apk and enjoy the game!

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