The Great Prank War Free Download For Android

The Great Prank War is a Tower Defense game released by Cartoon Network, the developer of Ski Safari: Adventure Time. It was available on Google Play on July 24, priced at $2.99.

The Great Prank War begins with East Pines manager Gene wanting to win the prank war and take over the Regular Show protagonists' park after he takes possession of a time machine. Now, the future of the besieged park lies in the pranks of Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Skips.The Great Prank War lets players be as any of the Regular Show heroes and pull pranks on Gene and his minions in order to reclaim the local park.

The Great Prank War is one long-running conflict, with levels that span the fall, winter, spring and summer. Each season brings different level designs packed with challenges that add up to mondo replay value, including four epic boss battles that will test the skills to the max. players’ll get four characters to play with from The Regular Show, and each has their own ‘pranking skills’ that will come in handy in the heat of battle. The towers are prank-themed as well, so players can expect to see plenty of odd armaments like whoopee cushions, eggs and glue. Players can download it for free for Android:

Here is the trailer:

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