Ninja Up Free Download For Android

Ninja Up, the Gameloft's latest release, is free to download which is firstly released on App Store. Now it’s available on Google Play. players can download it for free.

Ninja Up! is a simple game where the players use intuitive swipe controls to draw ropes across the screen launching your ninja higher and higher through the air.

Players will have to climb as high as they can but be aware of the fall from such great heights.

With retro 8-bit style graphics and global leaderboards players will have longer longevity as they will find themselves trying to beat others that are on the leaderboards.
The ads are for Gameloft's other games and they take a couple of seconds to load. Once you dismiss the ad, it still takes a second to start the game off again. This delay completely kills the momentum of the game. When you look at games where death is always just a second away (think Canabalt, or Super Meat Boy, or even Flappy Bird), the appeal is that you should always be able to see what went wrong, and the games all restart instantly, so that you're starting a fresh attempt with all the momentum intact.

By putting those ads in between jump attempts, Gameloft has broken the flow of an otherwise enjoyable, if difficult game. Still, it's completely free with no IAP either, so it's definitely worth checking out because the core gameplay itself is pretty enjoyable, despite the annoying ads.

Now players can download it for free:

And it’s the trailer:

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