Unlimited Coins of Angry Birds Epic for Free

Angry Birds Epic is the developer's latest attempt to distance itself from old faithful. Rovio has taken the birds and the pigs and plonked them right down in a turn-based RPG, complete with character classes, different enemy types and upgradeable weapons and armour. Of course, because it's Angry Birds, the birds are the goodies and the pigs are the baddies: you and the band of birds you collect along the way are chasing the pigs across their kingdom in a series of stages to retrieve your stolen eggs.

Combat starts off fairly simple; you drag a bird to the target in order to attack, and tap on the enemy to trigger a defense move. Dragging one ally to another will in turn buff their stats, and there’s also a hot chilli pepper (yeah, what?) that involves some kind of crazy special move.
As you advance, you’ll rescue and retrieve more feathered friends along the way, each one with its own variety of hardcore stats and special attacks hidden behind those feathery forms. Though the game seems fairly straightforward, there’s a lot of depth to discover underneath each layer. This includes an extensive bestiary of bad piggies to fight who each have their very own tactics, and a whole variety of typical RPG-like elements to uncover in-game, such as crafting new weapons, using loot to brew potions and swapping headgear to switch to a completely new class.
This angry birds is heavy on the in-app purchase. Now players can download the unlimited coins of this game on Android for free:

Hadara Palma

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