Download Kingdom's Heyday for Free on Android

Kingdom’s Heyday is a simulation game developed by Melesta. It was firstly released on bigfishgames and in May it was available on Google Play, priced at $1.99.

Players will be a king who demonstrates the architectural skills and talent for design: build luxurious structures, plant lush gardens and fruitful orchards, decorate districts with fountains and parks. It’s all about bringing vision to life! Players can develop own unique strategies for enriching the lands and expanding the territories to add to kingdom’s prosperity!

At the start of each level, players are presented with a set of goals and an usually unenviable starting situation. What players need is to decide which buildings to erect, repair, upgrade, sell, or demolish as go along. The best way to make money at the beginning of a level is to upgrade housing buildings and sell them.  Every dollar spent in building will return 2 dollars upon sale. Now players can download it for free on their Android to have a try. Also it was hacked with unlimited M coins:

How to install:

1. Unzip the file and copy the game data to your Android folder. You should see the fold like this: Android\com.melesta.kingdomsheyday

2. Install the cheated APK and enjoy the game!

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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