Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


 Rockstar Games is on a roll, releasing two hit games in the span of a few months. As though the success of GTA V wasn’t enough, Rockstar also felt it necessary to lure in old players of their games by releasing their PS2 hit, GTA: San Andreas into the Android market.

GTA: San Andreas is one of the most successful games in the GTA franchise. Receiving an overall score of 95 on; (and scoring 8.8/10 in user reviews), the game packs a whopping 70 hours of gameplay with a dynamic environment and dozens of minigames. But while GTA: San Andreas ushered in a new era of gaming for GTA fans, what continue to set it apart from other games in the series are its casino and off-track betting (OTB) games. GTA: San Andreas remains to be the only game in the series with that lets players enjoy a bit of gambling on the side -- something that you’d expect any and all of the series’ protagonists would be fond of.

 Rockstar is just one of the many big console game developers who have begun porting their games to the mobile market. When mobile gaming first came to life, RPG heavy-hitter Square Enix released ported versions of several of their old Final Fantasy games. This not only renewed interest in their franchises by appealing to old gamers with the nostalgia, but it also opened the doors for various new features.

 Games released on mobile phones and tablets don’t just allow for instant updates, but they also provide gaming on-the-go. Online gambling companies have used this opportunity to reach out to a wider market, and give their existing players more accessibility to their games. Often, gaming companies also give extra rewards to players who use their mobile games. Players of Betfair’s Android and iTunes app get to enjoy not just the promotions on, but also exclusive deals and prizes. Players also often get rewards for connecting their mobile apps to social media accounts, and this not only helps spread word of their games, but also keeps players coming back for more.

 Adding to that, the new technology introduced in mobile phones and tablets has allowed rereleased games to be remastered with better, stunning graphics. GTA: San Andreas already had ahead-of-its-time graphics, but the mobile release features high-resolution graphics and improved character models. Rockstar has also thought ahead in terms of controls for the game, providing compatibility with the MoGa mobile controllers, as well as other Bluetooth and USB controller brands.

 The only problem is that the game often causes mobile phones to lag, but this isn’t surprising. GTA: San Andreas is one of the biggest games ever released on the PS2, and the heavy graphic content and engine is sure to put some stress on low-end smartphones and tablets. Still though, it’s amazing to think that this game, which had once been on one of the most powerful consoles, can now be played on mobile phones.

 Players can enjoy this trailer:



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