Amoebattle Free Download For Android

Amoebattle is a strategy game developed by Grab. It’s was available on Google Play on Jan 13th, priced at$ 0.99.
In this game, players will control their warriors - single-celled organisms to fight with others races for survival. The organisms are so cute, so the art, which make the game lively. The gameplay is easy. Players just tap or select circle to control their soldiers. The goal is to capture the energy trees that are being occupied by the enemies. The trees will help players train more soldiers. With the easy control and simple gameplay, Ameobattle is more like a casual game.
Now player can download this game for free to have a try:


Cosmo Battles Free Download for Paid Android Version

Cosmo Battles is a turn-based space strategy game for Android, which is released as free version in October last year. The developer, Load.Me updated this game in December and it’s charged a fee of $1.75. The difference between the paid version and free-to-play is that it has more challenging missions.

Players will start off the game with a set number of units, which players must then guide around the map to complete objectives. These objectives will range from completing certain circuits, landing in certain spots, or destroying certain unwanted enemies. Players can enjoy more in this game.

Cosmo Battles is a fun game and well worth having a try. Players download the whole mission version for free:

How to install:   

1. Unzip the file and copy the game data to your Android folder. You should see the fold like this: Android\obb\com.sega.sonic.transformed

2. Install the cheat apk and enjoy the game!

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