ChefVille tutorials series: 9. Play Zynga Slots for free spices, avatar clothing, and more

Since we can always use more free Spices and cooking ingredients in ChefVille, it's no wonder that Zynga has released yet another new cross-promotion in the game, advertising one of its others. This time around, Zynga is advertising Zynga Slots by offering ChefVille chefs a chance at free spices, free ingredients, and even free clothing items for your avatar.

There are four levels to this promotion, with each asking your to reach a higher and higher level in Zynga Slots. Here's the full breakdown:
Reach Level 2 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive 2 Yellow Bell Peppers in ChefVille
Reach Level 5 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive 2 Ingredient Packs in ChefVille (Apparently, each one contains an Egg, Rice, and Corn)
Reach Level 8 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive 2 One-Hour Thymes in ChefVille
Reach Level 14 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive a Witch and Warlock's Avatar Outfit in ChefVille

While this promotion looks to deal with Halloween and fall, it's just now rolling out to many players now. Either way, you'll level up in Zynga Slots by simply continuing to bet virtual coins on the slots, so it's pretty easy to earn at least the free ingredients in this promotion. Whether or not you want to stick around long enough for the Spices and Avatar outfits, though, will be up to you.


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