Monster Legends was Release on Facebook By Social Point

Dragon City developer Social Point has released Monster Legends on Facebook, the company’s latest game that allows players to grow a variety of monsters after either breeding them or purchasing them from the store.

The game is incredibly similar to Dragon City, except Monster Legends allows for the growth of all sorts of animals. Players can grow dinosaurs, pandas, gorillas and birds, as examples, with many only being available to purchase with premium currency (read: real money).

Each animal has an elemental affiliation, and can be grown through the use of food that players also grow on their land. Animals are housed in pens with matching affiliations, and these pens produce coins. Coins are used to grow food, thus continuing the cycle and pushing players forward.

Players can complete quests to earn more rewards, or they can spend their time battling their raised animals on the game’s adventure map. This mode features turn-based combat, as users can choose from a number of different skills before attacking the computer-controlled enemy.

Dragon City has been a phenomenal hit for Social Point, currently sitting at the No. 6 spot for top Facebook games by monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData. With over 25 million monthly active players, it’s not surprising that Social Point would like to catch lightning in a bottle the second time with such a similar game.

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