Almost Nude Facebook game - Streaker Review

Streaker is a Facebook action game developed by Yamago, a French online game company specialized in original and dematerialized videogame production. It was launched on December 2011 and have been growing rapidly recently. Now you can find it in the trending section of APP Center.

Streaker is an interesting, simple game in which just as the name means, players will take a role of a Streaker in stadium. The game begins with creating an avatar who must be the male. The female avatar can be unlocked by cash. When in game, players use the “w,a,s,d” to control the Streaker to avoid the cops and follow the guide by a signal around the screen to  reach the place or glide in grass where players can increase their stay time by ten seconds or more if streaker slips over all deep zone. The longer time in field, more crops will be around to catch the streaker. Every replay needs ten point of energy. After 100 points are used up, players need to buy with cash or Yamps, a currency what players can earn though play to recover energy. Otherwise, it will take an hour to recover 10 points, which means that it’s available once to play.

The game monetizes through the sales of Yamps and cash. Free Yamps can be earned every play and free cash can be acquired by gaining enough stars or completing special offers. As the hard currency, all things include the sexy avatar can be unlock by cash. But it’s too hard to earn from play, as the energy limited, players are forced into long wait time unless they have a great point to get the Yamps. That’s the most obvious flaws that may prevent players spending more time on game.

Streaker is an interesting Facebook game which is almost a nudie. The game features music and sound effects that addict players to a match, also for the character who let players simmer with laughter. And it succeeds in drawing players’ eyes with the sexy girl, of course, with mosaic. I think most players are willing to pay for sexy avatar to see how the crops will deal with her, just like the image at the top of screen? If you want to have a try, just play it now:

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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