3D mahjong solitaire gameplay – Tatiles Saga

Taptiles Saga is a speed-oriented and feature great visuals game which is published by
Arkadium, the developer of Mahjong Dimensions.

The Tatiles Saga begin with the story:
Everything seemed normal in the land of Lumeria. Magic vortexes controlled by the guardians gave the world just enough magic to keep the flowers blooming, rivers flowing, volcanoes dormant, and sandstorms at bay. Suddenly, a dark purple shadow filled the sky and ripped the guardians away, leaving the vortexes to grow uncontrollably! With the forces responsible for keeping the world in order in captivity, things have quickly begun to spiral out of control!

Well, the journey begins now. Across the mystical Lumeria to unveil the mystery of the captured Guardians and rid the land of the destructive cloud, match the magical tiles of Lumeria in order solve the puzzles and rescue the Guardians and control the vortexes. Many worlds are over 40 puzzles. Each level in Taptiles Saga is presented in an isometric point of view with a series of cubes stacked in the center of the screen. Use the arrows on the sides to rotate the screen in case you need to peek at hidden tiles in the back. All you need to do is click a tile, then click a second tile with the same symbol, causing both tiles to vanish.

You earn points based on speed and can rack up some impressive scores by chaining together matches of the same tile type. All of this feeds into a magic orb feature that, when charged, can be unleashed to clear a few sets of tiles in the blink of an eye. Every second counts in a game like this!

I think the annoying feature is the share option every time you complete a level. The pop-up has to close before you go to the next level. But with the story to flow and the mysterious map you meet during gameplay, these can keep you in this game.


Try it now at here:



Hadara Palma

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