Puzzle Game: Photo Agent Review

Photo Agent is a Facebook game developed by Amazon Game Studios. The game was available to play on Facebook since April 3, 2013, which is the third game after Amazon launched its own online game studio and now it’s in the Trending section of app center.

Photo Agent is a photo-puzzle game where players take on the role as a freelance photographer travelling around the world, visit lots of interesting places and solving puzzles to capture amazing photo for players’ clients to earn bonus rewards which can power-up the game.

 The gameplay for Photo Agent is very easy. The game starts with a puzzle piece at the beginning of every puzzle. Players move the piece and click to drop the piece onto the photo puzzle. A new piece is provided each time after players choose the correct spot. Correctly place every puzzle piece to capture a photo and earn points. Players can get higher points by these:

Accuracy - Raise Accuracy bonus by making fewer mistakes as place pieces.

Skill – Raise Skill bonus by moving directly to the correct location without checking the piece against every spot.

Time - Raise Time bonus by completing the entire puzzle faster than the previous attempts.

New clients and trips will be unlocked when players score enough Experience Points and Mastery Stars by finishing photo puzzle. Players can replay the puzzles if they aren’t satisfied with the score. But as each puzzle requires one 1 Energy to play or reshoot, players should avoid running out of 10 energy which can refills over time or by purchasing to fulfill it.

 As the level up, players can take on another assignment to server for different clients. Every client has a unique interest and a set of Magazines that player can finish the puzzle. They may enjoy cute pets, birds and gardens, while there are others who specialize in architecture, underwater scenery, the rugged outdoors, antiques and even aerial photography. As the increasing clients, your career timeline can also rise, which is just a title of position.

 The social feature is the postcard to a friend. After achieve 30 stars, players can click the Postcard button on the photo, select a friend, then write a title and greeting. After click the send button, friends can get the postcard. The other feature is the usual scores board of friends in daily challenge. Daily challenge running on Film, which player can give or receive from frineds, is a new puzzle that is feature from Clients you may or may not have unlocked. Everyone can get one Firm Shot every day and extra chances need to be purchased from store or from friends.

 The game monetizes by the soft currency “Coins” and the hard currency “Tickets”. Coins can be used to buy equipment for assignment and with Tickets players can unlock new clients, magazines and refill energy. They can be earned by level up but it’s far more enough to enjoy the best game experience.

Photo Agent is a decent game to play – the high quality photograph and easy gameplay. But there is really little reason to spend more time on it in the mass puzzle game genre. It seems that Amazon aims at being a casual game developer, just like to way the shopping site shows. But game is different with shopping. Amazon should develop some simple but addicting games, or have some unique features to attract players, such as the Candy Crush Saga by I’m quite sure Amazon has the ability to amaze us. Well, let’s keep an eye on it.

Have a try:

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