Social RPG Game: Zoovale Review

Zoovale is a 2D hybrid social RPG, which had been announced the preview by the developer: Pangalore in April and many players are looking forwarding to playing this. Recently it had been online with beta test on Facebook. Android and IOS version will be also available soon.

The story of Zoovale begins in Pangaea, a land of peace and joy where animals lived happy. Until a rumor that an evil witch had arrived suddenly spread out over the land. The animals disappeared mysteriously one by one. It also includes the only love of the protagonist to the tale: MONA. Dark clouds covered up the sky of Pangea. Gloomy vines began to spread throughout the lands of Pangea. It turns out that the animals were being used to provide the essence of life to keep the evil with young.

Player will take the role as ZUBA, the hero of this tale who had been on a journey when a hunch led him back to town where most of the villagers had vanished. He needs to save the fellow animals. With their support to rebuild the ruin kingdom and fight an evil witch to find MONA.

After players give a unique name for their lions, they can be back to the village. Then an owl who is the guide in this game will tell the hero what had happen. With this duteous fellow, the ruin kingdom could be rebuilt step by step:

Just in the real world, before go on an adventure, player need to get everything ready. In this game, farm is the source of everything. Players can start to build a farm and grow food when they remove the young vines in the village. During grow season players need to give it more water so that the crops could grow well. After some time players can harvest it. As the level up, more buildings such as Ruby Mine can be built to help the adventure. This gameplay is similar with other town simulations. Players can customize their town and update to discover the rich strategy involved with building and production, which can make the battle easier.

When players are familiar with the simulation system, they can start the adventure now. Move the animals to the adventure gate, the only way to adventure and can be updated to increase participating animals, in which there are zones of different maps. Some fellows will be rescued when players completing stages. Also they can get the exp and some items that are used for updating the buildings. The battles with the monsters make use of "POWER, ATTACK, GUARD” system whereby each may pick one action each turn. “Power” allow players to have a full attack or counter in next round. Choosing “Attack” will attack the monsters and cause damage if they don’t block. The “Guard”, meanwhile, blocks the attack from the monsters. Players won’t know what the monsters are likely to do next turn. The animals can be changed if players bring more than one animal during each stage. It takes some minutes to recover the energy for animals after the battle and they can’t adventure because they are “tired”. The journey is easy. Players can win in most battle at the beginning, but as the game goes on, the animals should use the Ruby to recovery after beat one animals.

The games monetize primarily by the Ruby. As the hard currency, it can be used to buy some other soft currency and speed up the building. Players can get extra Ruby by a building: Ruby mine or get it in a battle with” A” score. But it’s far enough to use. The social feature is that players can visit the neighbors to see their unique decoration. Beside this, the usual interaction includes inviting, gifting, and other help.

Zoovale is a nice game. Powered by html5, this game is compatible with in mobile and tablets. The story of this game integrates the gameplay very well. The most important is, main story is told by a lovely owl with expressive face. Oh, not only the owl, all the animals in this game are so cute, who have unique ability. This game has rich strategy as players need to mix right characters to victory in every battle. It has potential to be an outstanding if the developers improve the visual and, do not clear the users’ data without notice, even it’s in beta. Overall, the game is a nice game. I can see that the developers devote their intelligence to it. Give it a try:

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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