Dungeon Crash Review

When I check the top free list of Google Play today, a RPG - Dungeon Crash comes into my eyes. It ranks in Top 7 for New Free section. Maybe it’s a great spot to start my first review for mobile game.
Dungeon Crash is a fantasy RPG published by a Chinese-based company – Fireflygames, which is also the publishers of Rush of Heroes, a sequel of “My Name is MT”. Maybe most players know little about the Rush of Heroes, as this game hadn’t been in the top 100 in US since it was released. But it enjoys tremendous popularity in China, especially “I’m MT” (sorry that I didn’t find the original English name).
Let’s get back to the Dungeon Crash. When first enter the game, you will be asked to connect with Google Play Game service. It’s a great and normal process for most players in case of missing game data, and also for socialization. Ok, let’s start with a guest. This time, there are only 3 services I can choose to join the game. Then animation will tell the story, which can be skipped. While the storyline goes so fast, I miss all. I find it in the website (players can skip this and this will not impact on your game experience):
“The story is about Ages ago, a legendary hero wielding the mysterious Pandora’s Sword sealed great evil within the depths of the world. Today, that sword has mysteriously broken opening the dungeons of ancient times, and releasing demon armies upon the world once again. Defend the world and find the broken shards of the legendary weapon in an effort to reforge and lock the demon armies back into their realm.”
So the main purpose is to find the fragment of the swords and reforge it to lock the demon armies.

You are forced to follow the tutorial after the loading. I would have to say that, the game has so much system so please take care of the tutorial. I think that’s the main reason why you can’t skip it. Or you should spend more time on that.
The gameplay for this game is easy. You led a band of heroes to battle with waves of monster. There are three classes of heroes: Melee Damage, Rage Damage and Healer, each of which has its own skill and you should tap the portrait to use it after you collect skill bubbles. This avoids players feeling bored since the battle is auto. No hero’s death in the battle will have 3 stars in each stage. In one chapter, if have enough of stars, you will get extra bonus which can be ex point, currency and more. While that will be more difficult as the game goes on.

Players will have an own village where you can build and improve staffs that would help the heroes get through the stages more easily. For example, in Magic Lab, you are able to salvage heroes to get soul gems, which can be exchanged with hero shards in the hero store. Arena is the place to test your skills. You will get honor points by challenging other players which are used to exchange various items and heroes. Under the village, there is the dungeon. Players will unlock more levels with currency as game progresses. After assign the heroes to each level, you do nothing but waiting for some time to get the treasure. At the same time, you still can use the heroes for battling in each stage. The dungeon system may be the name from, and also as one of the features in this game. Another feature system is the visitors. Every day there are 10 chances that a random visitor will come to you and give something, including a quest, crystal and some useful things.

OK, now let’s talk about the flaws this game has. I like this part most.
Firstly, Just I said before, the system is so complicated that might confuse you. For example, in hero system, play can upgrade, awaken, enhance and evolve the heroes. Different improvement will cost variety of items. The worse is the hero will be diverged into different levels. And after you find a higher level hero and want to change it, the previous one you have upgraded can’t be salvaged until you pay with some items to downgrade to level 1. It’s so frustrating after you have spent much time on the hero, so is the gear. Can I just have on button and one attribute to upgrade all?
Secondly, the localization. The word “Enahncement” should be Enhancement? What I feel disappoint most is about the gear level translation: “uncommon”, “unique” and more. When I find an uncommon weapon, I think it’s awesome and would like to use it for a long time. Unfortunately, the “uncommon” item is the cheapest one and very common. Players will be misled by the translation easily.

Thirdly, there are a few flaws that mar the experience a little, including the laggard in loading, and the pop-up notice which can’t be closed in newbie guide, and hey, the art style. At first glance, everything in the game has a particular style of art to it. We can see heroes that are brightly colored. But when I see the elves who is telling the tutorial and the characters in visitor system, it seems that they are not as appealing as the main character.

Aside from the aforementioned issues, Dungeon Crash is a decent game. As with so many games in the crowed Dota-Card game genre, especially in China, it’s really a great spot for publishing this game with English. There might be potential for a good game here. But for me, I don’t see it. The system is too complicated and takes too much time if players want to be advanced, and also the flaw. It needs a bit of work before it can be realized. It’s available on Google Play and App Store now:

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google


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