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Shadowgun: Deadzone is a multiplayer third-person shooter game from Madfinger, a developer located in Czech Republic and focused on mobile games. This game was launched in last year for IOS and Android. Recently, Madfinger release the Facebook and PC version. This review is based on the Facebook version.

Shadowngun: Deadzone on Facebook is a 3D graphics game powered by the Unity engine. When first enter the game, player can choose to login with Facebook account or custom account. Current mobile players can keep their present account and continue playing SHADOWGUN: DeadZone on their desktops or Facebook. Their ranks, gold, money, bought items, etc are still same. Now as this game is multiplatform, players could enjoy this with others from different platforms.

The gameplay for this game is not difficult. As with many other shooters on PC, “WASD” can control the move and the mouse determines the direction. “1” can throw a bomb. Pressing “Shift” will run.In combat, players are still capable of hiding behind cover and pacing back and forth can keep alive for longer. Unlike the mobile version, Players can change the weapons only when they’re killed. Compared with the mobile version, the controls in Facebook is much easier for a newbie. DeadZone has two game modes. One is Deathmatch, in which players must all kill each other as many times as possible before time expires. The other is Zone Control, which can be unlocked after level 4. In this, two teams must keep control the territories to win. Every match in both modes can accommodate up to 12 players.

After matches end, players can get XP and money. As players’ levels up, they gain access to some advanced items they can equip on different parts of their body to customize their play style. Of course, most items can also unlocked by real money. Weapons can also be updated, making them more effective the more they are used.

This game monetizes by the sale of “Money” and “GOLD”. Money can be earned after each match. Also it can be exchanged by Gold, the hard currency of this game. With Gold, players can buy more powerful equip and experience premium account to have more XP reward after match. But it’s too hard to earn in usual gameplay. If players want the best game experience, such as one shot one life, they can recharge to have a try. The social features for Facebook version are almost same. A window will pop-up to ask you to share with your friends if players get a high score. In rank system, players can see the rank of their friends. Sending gift and notifications are deficiency. But this game is developed from mobile version. We couldn’t ask for more.

To be honest, on Facebook, Shadowngun: Deadzone isn’t an ideal game for fresh players who are interested in shooters. Especially for the newbie, level-up seems hard, and the Deathmatch is very hectic. Play with others of high levels in it puts newbie in a position where it’s difficult to keep fire on one player as bullet damage between weapons hasn’t been balanced well. I was frustrated with the last rank after tried several matches. Finally, I was told by some professional players that playing on Facebook or PC has some advantages. Here is the tip for getting high rank on Facebook:

It’s more comfortable and easier by using keyboard and mouse to play Deadzone than touch screen controls. New players may have the less powerful weapons, so they shouldn’t just shoot others distantly. Just press “shift” to run circuitously as closer as possible to your enemies and then give them a heavy blow. Before they stand up, just shoot them. As many players are from mobile version, finding a right direction is a little difficult. With this tip, I scored the second place.

Despite the unfriendly setting flaw, Shadowngun: Deadzone is a decent game. it plays well and the graphic designer looks great. A single user account across all platforms is the highlight of this game, and also the great support on Facebook page. It’s well worth to have a try:

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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  • aniket

    my player keeps runing round and round as the game start please tell me what to do

    posted by aniket Sunday, 22 September 2013 07:23 Comment Link

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