ChefVille tutorials series: 10. Mixed Fruits

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With six days left in the Spring Market event in ChefVille, Zynga has released a new set of quests dealing with Figs and the Farm Figs Grill. There are three quests in this new "Mixed Fruits" event, and we're here with a guide to help you finish them off, with help from Zynga. Let's get started!

 Finer Figs

Upgrade the Farm Figs Grill
Cook 4 Fig Fettuccine
Give 5 Chef's Services with Fig Sticky Buns

 The Farm Figs Grill can be upgraded by collecting four Fig Knives, five Simmering Bowls, four Stem Trimmers, and five Syrup Jars. The Syrup Jars and Simmering Bowls can be earned by sending individual requests to your neighbors, while the other two items are earned by posting general news posts on your wall.When you complete this Farm Figs Grill upgrade, you'll be able to cook the Fig Fettuccine using two Figs, one Romaine Lettuce, and two Flour. The dish takes two minutes to cook. The Fig Sticky Buns, meanwhile, can be cooked while you're waiting for those upgrade parts to arrive. A single batch of the Fig Sticky Buns takes two Figs, two Flour, and two Milk to complete over a period of one hour. Completing this first quest gives you four Flour, 10 XP, and 20 coins.

Putting It Together

Collect 8 Fig Facts
Cook 5 Fig Jam Glazed Beef Kabobs
Cook 2 Fig Strawberry Scones

 The Fig Facts are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Fig Jam Glazed Beef Kabobs can be cooked using two Fig Apple Jam, four Sirloin Beef, and one Pepper each. The dish takes 15 minutes to cook. As for the Fig Strawberry Scones, these are also cooked in the Intermediate level in the Farm Figs Grill. A single batch requires one Fig Apple Jam, two Strawberries, four Flour, and one hour to cook. The Fig Apple Jams can be prepared inside the Spring Jam Maker. If you've yet to build yours, check out our guide to get caught up.

 When you complete this quest, you'll receive three Figs, 20 XP, and 30 coins.

 Spring Fever

Have 8 Fig Formulas
Cook 2 Fig Strawberry Tarts
Finish the 4th Stage of the Flower Tree

 The Fig Formulas are earned via some additional help from your friends, while the Fig Strawberry Tarts are prepared using one Fig Apple Jam, three Strawberries, and one Dough per 10-hour batch. Finally, you'll need to cook the many dishes in the Spring Market event to earn materials to complete the Flower Tree, so just keep cooking as often as you can to make your way through the fourth building stage. Finishing this final quest in the series gives you two Instant Thyme, 40 XP, and 50 coins.

 There are only six days left to complete these quests, along with the entire Spring Market event. Good luck completing everything in time!



ChefVille tutorials series: 9. Play Zynga Slots for free spices, avatar clothing, and more

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Since we can always use more free Spices and cooking ingredients in ChefVille, it's no wonder that Zynga has released yet another new cross-promotion in the game, advertising one of its others. This time around, Zynga is advertising Zynga Slots by offering ChefVille chefs a chance at free spices, free ingredients, and even free clothing items for your avatar.

There are four levels to this promotion, with each asking your to reach a higher and higher level in Zynga Slots. Here's the full breakdown:
Reach Level 2 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive 2 Yellow Bell Peppers in ChefVille
Reach Level 5 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive 2 Ingredient Packs in ChefVille (Apparently, each one contains an Egg, Rice, and Corn)
Reach Level 8 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive 2 One-Hour Thymes in ChefVille
Reach Level 14 in Zynga Slots ---> Receive a Witch and Warlock's Avatar Outfit in ChefVille

While this promotion looks to deal with Halloween and fall, it's just now rolling out to many players now. Either way, you'll level up in Zynga Slots by simply continuing to bet virtual coins on the slots, so it's pretty easy to earn at least the free ingredients in this promotion. Whether or not you want to stick around long enough for the Spices and Avatar outfits, though, will be up to you.



Top facebook games in March 2013

The top facebook games report of March 2013 is from the AppData’s estimated MAU and estimated DAU. They can develop algorithms for estimating MAU and DAU values for facebook apps by analyzing trends in their database. Since Appdata has six-year-old database of historical facebook apps metrics, this rank can be scientific.

Let’s see the top 25 facebook games by MAU:

And this is the list of top 25 facebook games by DAU:

From these two lists you may find that zynga is still supreme in facebook developers, taking up at least of 7 spots. But the top spot of game is Candy Crush Saga, which is developed by King. Zynga must have so much pressure as King is taking the NO.1 developer gradually in social network.

The image is from insider social games, which is unable to edit. So all you can see is a list. You couldn’t click each game directly. If you are interested them, just search in facebook and they can be easily found. And I find that today is at the beginning of April. The rank should be March, not April in image. Please feel free to correct this if I make a mistake.



ChefVille tutorials series: 8. “Peanuts, Sauced”

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One final quest series has been released in ChefVille's Asian Street Food Stand event, as players are asked to build a new Peanut Sauce Mixer in their restaurants. There are three new quests in this "Peanuts, Sauced" series, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off, with help from Zynga. Let's get started!

Peanuts and Love

  • Place and Build Peanut Sauce Maker
  • Cook Banh Mi 5 Times
  • Give 7 Chef's Service with Banh Mi

The Peanut Sauce Maker can be placed for free via this quest window and unwrapped using three energies. From there, you'll need to ask your friends for four Peanut Prowess, four Sample Sticks, four Chop Chats, and four Shell Shams to finish this item off. These building materials are earned through a combination of general news posts placed on your wall and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. While you're waiting for these parts to arrive, you can work on the Banh Mi tasks, with Banh Mi being available to cook inside the Asian Street Food Stand using two Wheat Bread, three Mixed Greens, and three Tomatoes per batch. Each serving takes just two minutes to prepare. If you've yet to finish your Asian Street Food Stand, make sure to check out our guide to get caught up. Completing this first quest gives you one Rice, 10 XP, and 20 coins.


Your Nutty Friends

  • Ask for 8 Peanut Pizazz
  • Serve 4 Veggie Egg Rolls
  • Collect 9 Wild Mushrooms

 The Peanut Pizazz items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Veggie Egg Rolls are prepared inside the Asian Street Food Stand using three Peanut Sauce, three Onions, and three Mixed Greens per batch. Each one takes six hours to prepare, so feel free to use Spices to speed up this overall quest. You'll earn two Peanut Sauce, 20 XP, and 30 coins when you finish this quest.


  • Have 8 Sauce Shenanigans
  • Cook Peanut Hotteok 3 Times
  • Collect 9 Wild Onions

 The Sauce Shenanigans come from your friends, while the Peanut Hotteok is prepared inside the Asian Street Food Stand using three Peanuts, three Flours, and one Sugar. This dish takes 16 hours to prepare, but you don't have to actually wait for it to fully cook to complete this task. Of course, you'll waste Peanuts if you cancel the dish ahead of time, but if you're most interested in speed, keep this in mind as an option.

 Completing this final quest gives you an Apple Tree, 40 XP, and 50 coins. There are only seven days left in this entire event, so we wish you luck in completing everything in time!

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