Farmville 2 tutorials series: 3. 'Be a Kid Again' Kitchen Recipes

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farmville-2Be a Kid Again Kitchen Recipes
The "Be a Kid Again" theme continues to expand in FarmVille 2 this week, as not only have items been released in the store, but a new trio of Crafting Workshop recipes have been released as well. Now, we're ready to take a look at the theme's three new food recipes, which carry on the "tiny" or "young" item theme. We're here with a guide on crafting these three new recipes, so let's get started!


Farmville 2 tutorials series: 1. Fabulous French Gardens Workshop.

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Since both of the crops released in the Fabulous French Gardens theme in FarmVille 2 are flowers, it makes sense that we wouldn't see any new food recipes available for cooking using those items in the game's Crafting Kitchen.

Instead, we've seen three new recipes launch in the Crafting Workshop, allowing you to use your new Crimean Irises to create three lovely crafts. We're here with a look at these recipes, which will all be available for the next 27 days in your game.

The first recipe is the Crimean Iris Corsage, which is available to create using eight Crimean Irises and one Wool Thread Spindle.

The Irises can be planted for 30 coins per square and harvested after two hours, while the Wool Thread Spindle is created using six Wool and two Fine Rabbit Wool each.

Crafting a single Crimean Iris Corsage gives you 15 XP, and you'll receive 2,030 coins for each one you sell.The second recipe is the Crimean Iris Bouquet, which can be made using 10 Crimean Irises and one Wool Bolt each. The Wool Bolt is made from just four units of normal wool. Creating a single Crimean Iris Bouquet rewards you with 15 XP, and you can sell a single one for 2,030 coins in the store.The third and final recipe in this theme is the Crimean Iris Wreath. It's made using eight Crimean Irises and eight Pink Lilacs. While the Crimean Irises are technically free to collect, these Pink Lilacs are earned from the Pink Lilac Tree, which costs 12 Farm Bucks to purchase in the store. A single Pink Lilac Tree can be tended once every 12 hours, but if you don't want to purchase one of these trees yourself, you can also tend your friends' trees (if they buy one, that is) for a chance to earn a few Lilacs for your own farm.

Whatever the case, if you do end up creating any of these Wreaths, you'll receive 14 XP for each one you make and can sell a single one for 2,060 coins in the store. These recipes will all be available for the next 27 days, while the themed items (including the Crimean Iris crop) will be available for around 20 days. Good luck making a ton of money off of these limited edition recipes.


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