Action Football Game - Cristiano Ronaldo Footy Review

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy is a 3D football (soccer) game on Facebook, which published by a hoopla, a London distributor of multi-platform social games. This game was increasing rapidly in users after it was unveiled in February. The reason may be the endorsor – Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 57 million fans. Players can watch the endorsed video at here:


 Unlike others manager simulation, Cristiano Ronaldo Footy takes on the action soccer genre like PES and FIFA. The basic gameplay for it is easy: players need to control the footballers in order to win. During the ways to success, Ronaldo will be the mentor to help players purchase new equipment, build up skills and train footballers.

When first enter the games, players will be greeted with a step-by-step tutorial that teach players control schemes information on how to play in match:

“W, A, S, D” or ARROW keys control moves.
X/K - Shoot/Tackle/Crossing
C/L - Change Player
X + C or K + L - Execute a special moves
The Special Moves are advanced skills that can improve the ability of footballer, when use this, the players will have some special moves in slow motion. For example, players buy to get the “Rainbow Strike” before the matches and hit “K + L” in the opponents’ half for a powerful perfectly aimed shot which is guaranteed goal in game. The order in which players add then will determine the order in which they can be used.

After the tutorial, players will asked to set up a team include the emblem, name and team colors. And then players will be lead to the Novice Division League and ready for the first match. Control schemes may be a little confused for newbie so the first league match won’t be easy. But after 2 or 3 matches, players can control the footballers as they want. The more difficult to learn is in “HEADS & VOLLEYS” which costs energy to participate in. Off a corner kick by system, Players have to position the ball directly between player and the goal to shoot accurately.What’s worse is that even players kick a nice shot, it can be denied by a superb save of goalkeeper. This frustration will attract players to try more. But the energy is limited. Players have to work harder to achieve 5 or more goals and get through the mission.

This game has the missions provide guidance on the left of home screen with yellow font. Players just need to finish the missions to keep moving forward. The guidance will help players know the store, squad, league and award system.

The social feature is the Friendly Fixture system. Player can have a match with friends. If players win the match, the result will be posted automatically on profiles of player’s friend. In Head & VOOLLEYS, score rank can be viewed with friends and worldwide section. These two systems are nice encouragement for players to get high score.

The game monetizes through coins and tokens, which are also, can be earned by level up or the missions. Players can invest in footballers with powerful equipment and Special Moves. This help players win the match more easily. Cristiano Ronaldo can be purchased as a loan player once players reach level 6 in the game, a perfect use of the Tokens that come with the VIP pack. Special currency – Shields can only gained by inviting friends or VIP Pack, which can also purchase the equipment and Special Moves.

As a social game, Cristiano Ronaldo Footy takes all the advantages of social features on Facebook: Millions of fans, rank system, invite and so on. But also as social game, the systems are so complex that we couldn’t review all in this post. Each menu is a system, which has many options above. The developers can improve the menu structures to simplify it. Beside this, Cristiano Ronaldo Footy is a reasonably casual game without many skills. Players just need to equip their footballers and get some Special Moves. If players are crazy for Ronaldo, then this is worth to have a try:


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