Ballistic Review

Ballistic is a high-octane shooter on Facebook. We introduced before and then expected by many players. Now it is running a limited beta but few players know this. I’m not sure why developer doesn’t publish the news about this. As it’s a team-based shooter while the simultaneous online users are far too enough to start a battle, we just write a simple review.


Puzzle Game: Photo Agent Review

Photo Agent is a Facebook game developed by Amazon Game Studios. The game was available to play on Facebook since April 3, 2013, which is the third game after Amazon launched its own online game studio and now it’s in the Trending section of app center.


Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Review

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a Facebook game developed by Popcap. See the guide
at here and this is thevideo. The review is from by Chris Carter:

The Plants vs. Zombies IP is a particularly interesting case. After creating one of the biggest casual hits of all time in 2009, Popcap kind of just sat on the property, keeping quiet about future plans despite its popularity. Well here we are in 2013, and there are at least two PvZ games on the way -- Adventures, and Plants vs. Zombies 2.


Action Football Game - Cristiano Ronaldo Footy Review

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy is a 3D football (soccer) game on Facebook, which published by a hoopla, a London distributor of multi-platform social games. This game was increasing rapidly in users after it was unveiled in February. The reason may be the endorsor – Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 57 million fans. Players can watch the endorsed video at here:

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