A puzzle game review - Mahjong: The Secret Garden

Mahjong: The Secret Garden is developed by Inertia Game Studios. It’s increasing as a Trending app on Facebook.
Mahjong is a game that originated in China, commonly played by four players, which has complicated gameplay. But Mahjong: The Secret Garden is a puzzle game. You just need to eliminate two items of Mahjong by matching those with the same symbol. The game begins in a garden. Players build up and decorate items in it. This need the “energy” which can unlock new levels items. But the certain premium items are only available by hard currency. More items, game processes more quickly.


Lean to cook with game on Facebook – Cook Hero

Cook Hero is a puzzle game in the Bejeweled mold, which is developed by Rapazapp Interactive Studios. It’s not an app about how to cook. But it’s a game app.
Players work their way through a linear series of levels one at a time. Every few levels the objective required to complete a level changes, ranging from scoring a certain number of points to destroying all the blocks of ice in the background of a level. It’s very familiar, is it? just like Candy Crush Saga gameplay. Player need to involves swapping objects around. if you spend all moves but still fail to achieve the object, the game will be over.


3D mahjong solitaire gameplay – Tatiles Saga

Taptiles Saga is a speed-oriented and feature great visuals game which is published by
Arkadium, the developer of Mahjong Dimensions.

The Tatiles Saga begin with the story:
Everything seemed normal in the land of Lumeria. Magic vortexes controlled by the guardians gave the world just enough magic to keep the flowers blooming, rivers flowing, volcanoes dormant, and sandstorms at bay. Suddenly, a dark purple shadow filled the sky and ripped the guardians away, leaving the vortexes to grow uncontrollably! With the forces responsible for keeping the world in order in captivity, things have quickly begun to spiral out of control!

Well, the journey begins now. Across the mystical Lumeria to unveil the mystery of the captured Guardians and rid the land of the destructive cloud, match the magical tiles of Lumeria in order solve the puzzles and rescue the Guardians and control the vortexes. Many worlds are over 40 puzzles. Each level in Taptiles Saga is presented in an isometric point of view with a series of cubes stacked in the center of the screen. Use the arrows on the sides to rotate the screen in case you need to peek at hidden tiles in the back. All you need to do is click a tile, then click a second tile with the same symbol, causing both tiles to vanish.

You earn points based on speed and can rack up some impressive scores by chaining together matches of the same tile type. All of this feeds into a magic orb feature that, when charged, can be unleashed to clear a few sets of tiles in the blink of an eye. Every second counts in a game like this!

I think the annoying feature is the share option every time you complete a level. The pop-up has to close before you go to the next level. But with the story to flow and the mysterious map you meet during gameplay, these can keep you in this game.


Try it now at here:




Towers – slow pace card game

Towers is a cards game which is developed by Xi-Art Inc. it’s available on facebook, also you can find on IOS and Android devices.

This game is the same as usually card games, but it also has some features: an experience system which creeps up with each completed game – more experience is earned for higher scores. The players get a skill once every level up, the skill is helpful in gameplay - usually increase 1% for their final score. the players unlock the ability to earn soft currency with each game when they are in level 3, though they may not actually spend this soft currency on powerups until they have earned at least 1,000 units of it. Given that an average game barely nets double-digit quantities of soft currency, earning 1,000 of these silver coins will take a very long time without making an in-app purchase. This only unlocks the first of three powerups, too — the others must be unlocked by using the previous ones ten times, which will require a significant total amount of soft currency to achieve.

Don’t worry about the use of powerups, players can also play the game enjoyable. While players may spend many time to unlock the new features, which may bore them in the long term. Hope  Xi-Art can add some exciting gameplay to retain the passionate players.


Insanity – the horrible RPG on facebook

Just like its name, insanity could probably make you mad, which is developed by Payflock. Now you can play it at facebook:

The horror game is loading with creepy piano music and a nurse in bloody sword. If you can’t undergo stand the fiendish girl, I suggest you quit this game right now, as she will newbie guide:).

When you enter the game, the environment is Just like Arkham Asylum but without the Joker, Penguin, and other bat-baddies. It's a crowd l place, littered with splotches of blood and piles of trash. The only clean place maybe your skimpy halter tops and underwear.

You may have to spend much of your time leveling with the aforementioned "click and win" missions to survive. Click can finish the leveling and also, win the battle, where sometimes you'll walk away with goodies you can use to decorate your sad excuse for a room or in battles with other patients and bosses. I think it’s where you will find the most fun: I hit them once, knocking their health down to 26 points from 50, and they'd hit me, knocking my health down to 26. We'd trade blows again, this time knocking each other down to a single hit point. And then, unless I was distracted or taking notes, I'd win, because it always started out with my turn. There are timed bosses. To beat them, you will need to bring your friends or charge in in medpacks. That’s currency in game.

Well, the game is good implementation of horror film, may weapons to increase the augments to battle. You will have a bad first impression and find that may activities rely on text, but it’s well worth to have a try. After a few tweaks to the gameplay, It might scare more!


Relic Quest –Simple but enjoyable games on facebook

Relic Quest is split between hidden object scenes and the museum management section, both of which feed into one another to give you a constant supply of quests to complete. In the hidden object areas, you'll go from room to room with short lists of items to find. The faster you locate them the higher your score will be, and the higher your score the more experience and coins you'll earn. It doesn't get much more complicated than a shrunken or opaque item or two, so don't worry about opening drawers or completing puzzles to find what you need. Just seek and click, accessing one of several different hint types if you ever get stuck.

Outside of the hidden object scenes you'll work managing the isometric-style museum. Here, you'll gradually unlock new exhibits, which gives you access to more hidden object scenes along with additional rooms to decorate with new decor or mini-exhibits. All of this adds to your museum rating, which is the stat that determines when you get new scenes to explore. It's a very tidy cycle that keeps looping back onto itself, giving you more items to find, more things to decorate with, and more collectibles to amass as the game progresses.

As the story progresses you begin to uncover new plots and find out more about the smuggler Brotherhood, the museum, and the ancient relic you're searching for. The actual happenings are secondary to the game itself, but they have a sort of guilty charm to them. Like watching a cheesy B-movie. You don't take it seriously, it's just there for entertainment, but without it Relic Quest would feel pretty stale.

As far as hidden object games go, Relic Quest delivers exactly what everyone wants: loads of items, a stout adventure, tons of extra things to uncover, and a little bit of museum management, too. The Facebook features are integrated at every corner, but they don't really get in the way of the experience. A well-made and good looking game on every front!


New Puzzler game on facebook - Jewel Epic

6waves, a developer from HongKong, publish a new facebook game – Jewel Epic. You can find it now it facebook: Jewel Epic.
Jewel Epic is a
match-3 puzzler of the Bejeweled school in which players work their way through a linear series of levels completing various objectives along the way. The game takes particularly heavy cues from King.coms enormously successful Candy Crush Saga in terms of its structure by gradually introducing various different tasks for the player to complete in each level. Early levels simply require the player to attain at least one star’s worth of points by the time they have used all their moves; later levels have more challenging objectives such as clearing specific spaces on the level grid by matching gems atop them.

While Jewel Epic is a mostly very conventional match-3 experience, it does at least provide a few small twists on the formula that help distinguish it from its numerous imitators in the social and mobile gaming sectors. Chief among these is the “color combo” system in which making consecutive matches of the same color rewards the player with various powerups that are dropped onto the grid and generally make clearing large areas much easier. Other variations include the “magic ball” system, in which matching gems with special markers on them fill the aforementioned globe, which may be used to eliminate a large number of gems on the grid when filled. The usual match-3 mechanic of creating powerups by matching four or more gems at once has been replaced by the creation of jewels that fill the magic ball more quickly, since powerups are generated by color combos.

The game’s levels are split into a number of themed “areas,” each of which has its own mascot character. These mascots each have their own selection of powerups to provide the player with upon the creation of color combos, and can be leveled up by collecting particular numbers of stars. Each mascot has three possible levels, increasing the player’s score multiplier and allowing them to attain higher scores each time. The mascots appear while the player is challenging a level, and start dancing on the screen when the magic ball is full, drawing attention to this rather easy-to-forget mechanic.

Jewel Epic. currently occupies the 1,000,000+ MAU tier with a rank of 349 and an estimated MAU figure of 1,036,182, and the 100,000+ DAU tier with a rank of 320 and an estimated DAU figure of 164,919. Follow its progress with AppData,


Play games with music on Facebook - Bands

Bands is a new Facebook game from German developer Newtracks. It’s available now for anyone to play via the social network.

Bands is a music-themed game in which players take on the role of an up-and-coming band attempting to grow their fanbase. The basic gameplay in Bands sees the player picking a song (or uploading their own) and one of the venues they have unlocked with their level. Once the concert begins, the player’s band appears on the stage and the song begins playing. At this point, various types of fan enter the concert area, and it is the player’s job to attract as many of them as possible towards the stage. This is achieved by using three different “technique” buttons, each of which cover a particular area and shape and cause fans to approach the stage. The bass technique attracts fans in a circular area, the guitar technique attracts fans in an arc and the drum technique attracts fans in a straight line. Each technique takes a moment to recharge after it has been used. If the player continues to allow it to charge after it is available to use, it enters “overcharge” mode, in which the area it covers is larger and the number of points for each fan caught in its area of influence is doubled.

At the end of a song, the player’s score is tallied and they earn new fans, which are added to their level meter. Upon leveling up, the player earns access to new venues, items and types of fan who must be handled differently in the concerts — for example, some move quickly but are very impatient so must continually have techniques applied to them; others move slowly but are unlikely to leave. Every few hours, the player has the opportunity to play a “promoted” gig, at which point they earn additional fans, making it easier to level up.

Bands is a great idea with some solid gameplay, but there are a few other smaller issues that could do with polishing up. The “level” meter that appears after a completed gig is often inaccurate, for example, beginning at the halfway point and then suddenly jumping forward or back to where it actually should be, giving the player the impression of either earning or losing more fans than they actually did. Also, if the player levels up after a successful gig, the level meter does not update as it fills, instead remaining at the same level and simply emptying itself. The level meter on the game’s main map screen is accurate,
With the incompatibility issues and the missing features, it’s tough to recommend in good conscience at this time, but check back in a month or two and it’s likely there’ll be a really good game. But now, it seems that it is under maintenance;)

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