Rayman Fiesta Run Hacks and Cheats of Unlimited Coins for Android

Rayman Fiesta Run is released on November 7 by Ubisoft Entertainment. This game is n is powered by the UbiArt engine. It’s amusing and beautifully presented, which may be even better than Jungle Run.

How to install this gpk package?

Players can have a try for this app. It is gpk file, a package format for game. Player must have an installer that automatically put all the files in its destination like the sd files or data.

Unfortunately I can only find a non-English installer. It’s called “game helper”.

  1. Download the free hacked Rayman Fiesta Run to your mobile:
  2. Install this tool in google play:
  3. Open the tool and touch “ game install”, just like the image:
    game helper

The tool will find the gpk package and then you can enjoy this game. There are almost unlimited coins inside!

About Rayman

Rayman Fiesta Run is a platform game which is about in development by Ubisoft Montpellier to be published by Ubisoft for the iOS, Android, and Windows 8 platforms. The game features the same tech that powers Rayman Legends and new moves, such as swimming, super-punching, and shrinking. There will be 75 levels spread across 4 worlds.

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