Zynga Slots becomes the top fastest-growing Facebook game by DAU again

Zynga Slots gains 1801470 DAU this week, which makes it become the top fastest-growing facebook games agains. Last week, it’s also in the NO.1 spot.
Workds With friends is the second spot. And Top Eleven Be a Football Manager takes the place of third spot, which has the been actively in list recently weeks. Poker game –
ไพ่เท็กซัส is from Thai, in the 13the spot.


Zynga Slots becomes the top fastest-growing facebook game by DAU

Zynga game – Zynga Slots becomes the most gaining on facebook by DAU. It has 925013 DAU increasing.
In the second spot is a simulation game Top Eleven Be a Football Manager. It’s really a long name for a game. Candy Crush Saga gain only 1%, but considering the DAU, it’s no surprise I will takes the third spot. There are so many games we are familiar with this week.



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