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Sometimes You Die is a very standard, but sleek platformer that asks you to get a cube through a series of hard-hitting arenas, with razor sharp spikes and enemies that usually employ the same said sharp tactics.
Mechanically it is a simple platformer. You move a black square left or right through a series of single screen areas to reach the exit. If you die - by hitting a cluster of spikes, for example - you leave corpses of your failure onscreen. This allows you to create makeshift platforms out of your former incarnations to help solve each puzzle.
You can attempt to die accurately, impaling yourself on a spike, and then respawning and leaping off the platform your corspe creates. Alternatively, you can use a blunt force approach, killing yourself time again until the mound of dead forms a climbable hill.
It's hard to really talk at length about Sometimes You Die without giving it away entirely, but it's not only worth playing, it's worth finishing. With a core mechanic as simple as climbing over the fallen bodies of your past incarnations, Sometimes is fun, unique, and memorable.
Players can download it for free to have a try:

Hadara Palma

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