Download Oscura: Second Shadow for Free for Android

Oscura: Second Shadow is an action game developed by Surprise Attack Pty. It’s a game that very much aspires to be a classic thanks to its general mood and artistry, priced at $3.51 on Google Play.

Second Shadow takes place in the Driftlands, a shadowy land made even more dangerous by the theft of the Aurora stone a relic from the Great Lighthouse. Playing the role of Oscura, your goal is simple: explore the Driftlands, recover the Aurora stone shards, and bring back light to the world. Oscura has no weapons save one: the ability to temporary slow time.

The game world of the Driftlands is a gothic, creepy, but strangely beautiful place in which almost everything is a threat to Oscura. From grinding cogs, to poisonous neon pools, to the various disfigured inhabitants of the world, players will need to stay on their toes if they want to reach the next checkpoint unharmed. With Oscura’s light to guide them through the silhouetted environments, the game has a suitably menacing quality that makes the world that much more threatening. Now players can download this to have a try:

And here is the trailer:

Hadara Palma

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