Unlimited Coins of SAS: Zombie Assault 4

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a zombie shooter game developed by inja Kiwi. It’s available on Google Play last week. Players can download it for free.

he game takes players to the distant future, the year of 3104, and a virus outbreak on the trans-federation planet of Thera threatens the very fate of mankind. The only thing stopping this new and terrifying zombie horde from pushing mankind to the brink of existence is the highly skilled and highly weaponized special forces of the SAS.

As users begin SAS: Zombie Assault 4, they’ll create their first character in one of three classes: medic, assault or heavy. There are 19 skills available for each of the three classes, and over 160 weapons and armor pieces to collect in all. Many of these weapons and gear pieces can be upgraded as well, with elemental protection boosts, increased maximum health stats for the user, and many others.

n each level of the game’s campaign, players use a virtual joystick for movement, and another for aiming. Players can tap on a button to purchase high damage rounds for their weapons, another to purchase or toss grenades at enemies and so on.

Now players can enjoy a hacked version with unlimited coins for free:

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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