Unlimited Coins and Life Papa Pear Saga for Android

Papa Pear Saga is a puzzle game developed by King. It was available on Facebook at first last March. And then it was released on mobile soon.

Papa Pear Saga is pretty much an unashamed clone of Peggle. The stages are made up of various patterns of fruits and vegetables, with five buckets lining the bottom. Players shoot the titular Papa Pears, who don't look a thing like any pears I've seen, from a launcher at the top of the screen, controlling both the angle and the power of the shot. Unlike its inspiration, there are many different stage goals in Papa Pear Saga. The closest ones to Peggle are stages where players have to clear a certain number of a particular fruit.

The game monetizes through sales of booster items. there is no currency system in the game at all, meaning that those who play for free will not be able to use boosters in the same way, though the effects of boosters also appear as the special pegs that appear throughout the levels. Players may also pay to acquire extra pears if they fail a level, or pay to restore their lives if they run out. Much like in King’s other games, lives are only lost if the player fails to complete all of the objectives of a level. Now players can download the hacked version with unlimited coins and life:

Hadara Palma

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