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New Puzzler game on facebook - Jewel Epic

6waves, a developer from HongKong, publish a new facebook game – Jewel Epic. You can find it now it facebook: Jewel Epic.
Jewel Epic is a
match-3 puzzler of the Bejeweled school in which players work their way through a linear series of levels completing various objectives along the way. The game takes particularly heavy cues from King.coms enormously successful Candy Crush Saga in terms of its structure by gradually introducing various different tasks for the player to complete in each level. Early levels simply require the player to attain at least one star’s worth of points by the time they have used all their moves; later levels have more challenging objectives such as clearing specific spaces on the level grid by matching gems atop them.

While Jewel Epic is a mostly very conventional match-3 experience, it does at least provide a few small twists on the formula that help distinguish it from its numerous imitators in the social and mobile gaming sectors. Chief among these is the “color combo” system in which making consecutive matches of the same color rewards the player with various powerups that are dropped onto the grid and generally make clearing large areas much easier. Other variations include the “magic ball” system, in which matching gems with special markers on them fill the aforementioned globe, which may be used to eliminate a large number of gems on the grid when filled. The usual match-3 mechanic of creating powerups by matching four or more gems at once has been replaced by the creation of jewels that fill the magic ball more quickly, since powerups are generated by color combos.

The game’s levels are split into a number of themed “areas,” each of which has its own mascot character. These mascots each have their own selection of powerups to provide the player with upon the creation of color combos, and can be leveled up by collecting particular numbers of stars. Each mascot has three possible levels, increasing the player’s score multiplier and allowing them to attain higher scores each time. The mascots appear while the player is challenging a level, and start dancing on the screen when the magic ball is full, drawing attention to this rather easy-to-forget mechanic.

Jewel Epic. currently occupies the 1,000,000+ MAU tier with a rank of 349 and an estimated MAU figure of 1,036,182, and the 100,000+ DAU tier with a rank of 320 and an estimated DAU figure of 164,919. Follow its progress with AppData,

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