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Arcade Game Review: Bubble Planet



Arcade Game Review: Bubble Planet

Bubble Planet is a Facebook game from Inovento, a Bulgarian gaming company. It’s the first social game of Inovento which was launched on March 2013. After about 3 months it has 1 million players and now it’s in the trending section of App Center.

Bubble planet is an arcade game. Players will be a tourist and take a hot air balloon to move across the planet. Players must travel all the way to the treasure to get the key to the next part of the journey. During the journey, many levels are waiting for the players to get through. They are all easy to finish, just like many bubble game genre.

In each stage, players control a canon at the bottom and click to shoot bubbles. The goal is to pop the stars among the bubbles by matching at least 3 bubbles of the same color. Players need to collect at least one star to complete the stage. More stars will help payers level up. When players progress, they will earn score and see how the performance is compared with their friends. Every time players beat a friend’s score players will get special help from them. Players will have 40 seconds to fulfill the challenge. Players will get bonus time by popping stars, or get extra 20 seconds with 90 coins after time is up. But in every level extra seconds can only be brought by 3 times. When reach friends’ bubble on tie, players will be awarded with even more bonus time. If cross the red line, players will fail the challenge. The game uses the energy system, which won’t lose as long as players finish the levels. But if players fail, the energy will be reduced one, which has only 5 at first and can recovery by time or coins.

This game monetize by the Bubble Coins and Cash. Coins can refill energy and power-ups that make level more interesting and easy. Also, players can get extra 20 seconds by 90 coins after time is up in each level. The cash can be used to unlock the treasure and collect the key to next journey. As the hard currency, It also can buy coins.

Social feature for this game is entirety. Firstly, it’s the regular screens of friends score before and after each level. Secondly, players can view and beat friends’ score during the game. Thirdly, players are forced to invited friends when first level complete. At last, just like the Candy Crush Saga, in order to unlock the new map to go on, players must invite 3 friends to install this game. That’s the main reason why it is showing up when it launched only 3 months ago.

Bubble Planet is a standard bubble game with nice graphic designer and the soft jumpy music. The integration with social feature is outstanding so that players are willing to spend more time on reaching friends’ bubble tie in the crowed bubble game genre. But the regular nag forced screen to invite friends could also bore players. Overall, this game is a decent game which is well worth to have a try and could enjoy more fun with more friends.

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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