Towers – slow pace card game

Towers is a cards game which is developed by Xi-Art Inc. it’s available on facebook, also you can find on IOS and Android devices.

This game is the same as usually card games, but it also has some features: an experience system which creeps up with each completed game – more experience is earned for higher scores. The players get a skill once every level up, the skill is helpful in gameplay - usually increase 1% for their final score. the players unlock the ability to earn soft currency with each game when they are in level 3, though they may not actually spend this soft currency on powerups until they have earned at least 1,000 units of it. Given that an average game barely nets double-digit quantities of soft currency, earning 1,000 of these silver coins will take a very long time without making an in-app purchase. This only unlocks the first of three powerups, too — the others must be unlocked by using the previous ones ten times, which will require a significant total amount of soft currency to achieve.

Don’t worry about the use of powerups, players can also play the game enjoyable. While players may spend many time to unlock the new features, which may bore them in the long term. Hope  Xi-Art can add some exciting gameplay to retain the passionate players.



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