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Video for Ballistic Debut Trailer and Showcase

We introduce the Ballistic, a high-octane, team-based shooter for Facebook and browsers that brings AAA-quality gameplay. Now it runs a limited beta, which should be online in spring 2013. Players can watch the debut trailer to have a preview. Or just call friends and enjoy it directly:

Another video introduces that Ballistic was one of the showcase games in Unity's GDC 2013 highlight reel!


Ballistic Review

Ballistic is a high-octane shooter on Facebook. We introduced before and then expected by many players. Now it is running a limited beta but few players know this. I’m not sure why developer doesn’t publish the news about this. As it’s a team-based shooter while the simultaneous online users are far too enough to start a battle, we just write a simple review.


A high-quality FPS on Facebook - Ballistic will be released soon

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On facebook, you can enjoy the hight-quality shooter games soon. Rumble Entertainment announced Ballistic, an FPS, will be launched. Aquiris Game Studio Local in Brazil develop this game.(Update: the game is running a limited beta now. Read the review.)

In this game, Players will be able to choose from a selection of firearms and skill perks, be the MFA or the Smokes teams. And then they fight each other control of an energy source. Players can enjoy the fighting in modes like Control Point, king of the hill.

Players can pay to unlock new guns, but don’t expect these to be powerful, as it’s fair to the free guns. It’s more worth to buy some customization items if you’re willing to pay.

This game has the high quality of Ballistic’s graphics, as The Unity Engine has been fully utilized. You will be amazed that you can enjoy such beautiful game in facebook. The Ballistic has all standard features as an FPS. And also you will have rather shakable gameplay experience it provides.

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