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Nat Geo: World of Secrets review



Nat Geo: World of Secrets review

Nat Geo: World of Secrets is a Facebook hidden object game developed by National Geographic In celebration of its 125th anniversary. It was published by 6waves and launched last month.

This game begins with the story that is about to save heroine’s father, who was missing in North Pole as the steering mechanics of the airship are severely damaged when he ventured out with the team of researchers. With the help of the National Geographic’s members, she finally finds her father and save him by going through some missions of hidden object to get track. Then the Heroine decides to continue exploring locations all across the globe. This game features 27 hidden object scenes with a variety of play modes and helpful hint functions. Players can engage in over 160 quests as they help solve mysteries and pick up locationspecific artifacts along the way.

The gameplay for Nat Geo: World of Secrets resemble with Pearl’s Peril. It’s hidden object and town simulation. In each stage, players need to collect objects in a disordered map within five minutes. The scores player can get will be based on the speed and skill. Some hints can be used on the screen to make the games easier if players stuck in some stages. As the game goes on, players will find that the maps are more and more challenging. Some items are covered by the snow and even part of others may be hidden out of screen so that players can hardly find.

The items which players find can be used to construct their home. Players decorate their home in order to unlock other scene. Players can engage in over 160 quests. The material can advance the game’s unfolding story. Building takes at least hours. It’s a slow process and can be bypassed with hard currency. This game has an energy system. Each building and stage will also cost it, which can be refilled by time or cash. All buildings can produce the coins or energy.

This game monetizes by the sale of hard currency: gold, which can buy the coins, unlock new locations, pass the task and the waiting time of building. As the soft currency, coins that mainly used to buy more hints are easily to earn by collecting from the buildings.

Compared with thePearl’s Peril, social features for the Nat Geo: World of Secrets are more abundant, even over exploitation. These include the covert share ticking when players confirm the task, a leaderboard for sharing achievements after completing a level. Players may send gifts to their friends, which include extra energy or the hints. Like most simulation, players can add their friends to be neighbors so that players can visit their home to enjoy the decoration.

Nat Geo: World of Secrets is quite a good game. With the graphics by National Geographic and the nice storyline, players can easily enjoy the game. The flaws? Some items in stage may be too hard to find. Building is really a slow process, so as the hard currency. This game resembles Pearl’s Peril somewhat. If players haven’t tried the hidden object plus simulation, give this a chance.

Hadara Palma

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