A puzzle game with exaggerated concept on Facebook – Crush City

Most players would think that it’s a simulation game like Cityville or CSI: Crime City when see the name. In fact, Crush city is a puzzle game, which is about rebuilding cities by match-3 skills.

Crush City is easy to play. Unlike other puzzle game such as Diamond Dash, which 3 like –colored objects must in a row. Players just need to find more than 3 like-colored objects adjacently and then click to make them vanish. In order to finish the level, player must attain a certain score with limited time. Some skills like explode and painter can be used to help eliminate the objects and avoid blockades. But it needs to time to collect power and fuel. I don’t think players would use these skills at the beginning as it’s too easy to finish the levels. When playing, sometimes I just click in the screen casually without find the like-colored objects.
The concept of crush city is using players’ match-3 skills to rebuild cities crushed by catastrophe. Survive long enough to put their plan into action. Players have the opportunity to be hero. But in game, we find that the theme has nothing to do with the gameplay. Just one thing need to do - eliminating the objects in a map of crush city. More introduces during the games may can help players understand the concept.
Beside the concept, Crush City is quite an ordinary puzzle game. As there are so many games in the crowded puzzle game genre, we could not find more reasons to spend more time on this game.

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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