Bubble Chronicles Review

Bubble Chronicles is a Facebook from Renatus, a social game publisher. This game is online in April and now it’s in the Trending section of Facebook game as the growth in users, which has 500 thousands players at this moment.

Bubble Chronicles is a puzzle game. The concept of this game is that players will take the role as adventurers who escape the day routine and plunge into idyllic world full of breathtaking journey. But the theme has nothing to do with the gameplay. In fact we even couldn’t find the detail of the story in Facebook community page or App Center. All we can find about the adventure is the spaceship and the areas of the level map.

The gameplay is very easy. Just like many other bubble games, players control the cannon to shoot a colored ball in order to match three or more items. This game offers only one journey mode - endless stages to complete, where all bubbles in the top row need to be cleared before players run out of bubbles, or players will lose a life, which can be recovered by time. It’s no enough that just simply clear all bubbles to jump to next level. Players need to Score enough points to earn at least on star. To increase the score, drop as many bubbles as possible into the barrels and the central one has the highest score.

The game monetizes by the coins and crystal. Coins can be earned by the collection or the games’ social mechanics. As the hard currency, players have to spend real money on Crystal. Both of them can be used to buy power-ups that were slowly unlocked during gameplay and makes game a little easier.

The social features for this game are the regular leaderboard in every level and the gift system by inviting friends. Beside them, the game features the highest scores by other players in every leaderboard before start the levels. Players can know the gap between others.

Overall, Bubble chronicles isn’t a bad game, of which gameplay is competent, though players is hard to experience the advantages of power-ups as they can be only unlocked by the coins and crystal. The theme is unique and quite good looking. This game has more colorful visual styles. But as with so many other games in the crowded bubble game genre, there is little to recommend this. If players never enjoy any bubble game before, then give it a try.

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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