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Game like Solitaire Tales: Solitaire in Wonderland Review



Game like Solitaire Tales: Solitaire in Wonderland Review


Solitaire in Wonderland is a card games published by Cookapps in May. It has been an enormous increasing in users since them. Now this game gains more than 1 million players.

We should call that Solitaire in wonderland is a “Puzzle” game like Solitaire Tales. The gameplay is very easy. Players click on card at the top of screen one number higher or lower than the card on the deck to remove them, with the gold being to remove all key cards, which are outlined in god and underneath. Players can only click on those at the top of each pile, others are face down.

As the level up, players will meet some obstacles to increase the difficulty that make it hard to process, like the more cards to be removed. What’s worse, the cobwebs will be placed on some cards, forcing players to remove others before they can be unlocked. To balance the difficulty, the games have some power-ups to make the levels easy. Like the extra cards, extra Joker cards that allow for the placement of any next card. The most interesting is the clocked cards threw by a lovely hidden rabbit, which will appear after players continuously remove 5 cards on desk.

Players will get an extra card if they succeed in removing the clocked cards in limited time. After finish the level, players will be rewards coins and Stars. Stars aren’t just for comparing against the friends, as players will need them in bulk to unlock additional chunks of levels. Since so many of the stages past Level 20 are so hard to complete with one star, let alone three, players have to get used to the idea of replaying stages over and over again until eventually luck out and earn more than one star on each.

The game is monetized by the sale of Jewel and coins. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups, like extra cards. As the hard currency, Diamonds can buy all things, including extra coins, extra joker. Social features for this game include friends inviting in every stage, liking the fan page when enter the game, leaderboard achievements compared with friends.

Solitaire in Wonderland is a game like Solitaire Tales, both of them have the same gameplay, difficult levels that make it hard to progress, encouraging the use of real money and little reward for doing well, also the nag screen to invite and share with friends. The first impression is poor for Solitaire in Wonderland as the graphic design is coarser than Solitaire Tales. While the Solitaire in Wonderland has unique feature: more power-ups and the lovely characters. It’s worth to have a try:

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