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FarmVille 2 Tutorials Series: 6. Southern Living Items

A brand new item theme has launched this week in FarmVille 2, as "Southern Living" items will be available to purchase in the game's store for the next 20 days. This item theme comes with new crops, animals, trees, and more. We're here with a complete guide to these new items to help you out. Let's go!


Farmville 2 tutorials series: 4. Animal Heirloom Recipes.

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A brand new trio of heirloom recipes has just launched in FarmVille 2, but like so many others, this series will only be available for a very limited time. These items don't really have a theme, other than the fact that they're all connected to animals in a very slight way, but all three are available to create inside the same object: the Crafting Kiln. Don't worry about figuring out these recipes by yourself, as we're here with a complete guide to get you started!

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