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Puzzle Game: Photo Agent Review

Photo Agent is a Facebook game developed by Amazon Game Studios. The game was available to play on Facebook since April 3, 2013, which is the third game after Amazon launched its own online game studio and now it’s in the Trending section of app center.


A puzzle game review - Mahjong: The Secret Garden

Mahjong: The Secret Garden is developed by Inertia Game Studios. It’s increasing as a Trending app on Facebook.
Mahjong is a game that originated in China, commonly played by four players, which has complicated gameplay. But Mahjong: The Secret Garden is a puzzle game. You just need to eliminate two items of Mahjong by matching those with the same symbol. The game begins in a garden. Players build up and decorate items in it. This need the “energy” which can unlock new levels items. But the certain premium items are only available by hard currency. More items, game processes more quickly.

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