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Ballistic is a high-octane shooter on Facebook. We introduced before and then expected by many players. Now it is running a limited beta but few players know this. I’m not sure why developer doesn’t publish the news about this. As it’s a team-based shooter while the simultaneous online users are far too enough to start a battle, we just write a simple review.

The concept of this game is set in the near future. The game pits two rival factions (the MFA and the Smokes) against each other for control over a new type of energy supply across many game modes. Before enter the game, players need to install the unity web player. The canvas is fluid on Facebook so this game is accommodated to any screen.

The first thing players would see is a nice two rival in a floating background. Players can choose the game modes and game maps or randomly to start the battle. There are three game modes and four maps players enjoy.

Game modes:
In this mode, teams battle for control over various points spread throughout the map. The more points players’ team has captured, the faster players’ score will increase.
To capture a point, stay within its boundaries for a few seconds. Your capture progress will be displayed on that point’s icon at the bottom of the screen. If there is an enemy soldier occupying the point, plays will not be able to capture it, so be sure to clear out any enemies first.
In this mode, teams battle for control over a single point in the middle of the map. While players’ team has captured the point, players score will increase.
To capture the point, just follow the “CAPTURE POINTS” guide.
Just its name, in this mode, players’ objective is simply to eliminate the enemy. Each enemy killed increases the score.

The map has only four but all they are high-quality design. In the future the developers will surely increase the maps after it’s online. players can handle the game soon as the inputs are just like many others FPS. But also, there is slightly different. Players can have only 2 weapons, use 1-2 or Q to select it. With F use Melee Attack. Play can press E to toss grenades and V to activate grenade launcher. If players want to leave the game during the battle, just press M and click leave on the left.

The game has a specialization configuration in the “SOLDIER” menu of home screen. The configuration allows players update multiple skills and abilities to get stronger, and also, easily to win. Beside the Loadouts and Specialization, some systems like Squad are under development.

The game is free to play and seem monetize by the hard currency – Platinum. Players can buy high quality and unlock new feature with it. As the game is in beta, we couldn’t get more information about this. Just know that we may charge to get more powerful equips.

To be honest, we’ve never seen a Facebook game that looks this good before. During our playing, it runs as smoothly as a full console or PC releases perform. Powered by the Unity game engine and with zero barriers to entry – no massive downloads, no lengthy installs, Ballistic show us the how amazing of next-generation bowser games. Now, call your friends and enjoy this game at first:

Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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