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Game Like Pet Society: Party Town Review



Game Like Pet Society: Party Town Review

Party Town is a simulation game on Facebook from Kaixinyy, a Chinese developer. It’s been released in 2012 and has been fast growing in users recently. Now it’s in the “Trending” section.

Party Town has nothing to do with party. It’s more like a “pet town”. At the beginning, players will create with their own pet’s look. And then they can decorate their home, shopping, gardening, interact with friends and could even get married with another buddy. It is all about raising virtual pet. Players will find that this is a game like Pet Society, which will be shut down on July 4 and become a memory for them – this could be the main reason why the growth has been mass volume in users recently.

The basic gameplay is very simple. When first enter the game, players can give their pet individual look by the graphics tablet. After finish the new look, they will be redirected to tutorial mission, in which players can learn how to take care of their pet by dressing up, bathing, feeding and so on. The most important thing is the pet need a personalized house. This would take lots of items. For example, players must have a layer of new wallpaper before they can increase the vitality, or buy some food to feed their pet. Most vast of this content are from shopping in many stores on the main street where players can also visit others house.

The stores organized by category are part of the town. There are groceries, fitting fashion, ravishing renovators and more. In every store items are displayed just like we were in supermarket. Players can scroll to the right to see the items or move the mouse on scroll bar to have a preview. Items in store are beyond overwhelming but even so, more are being added. Many of items are just for decoration, while some of them can enhance players’ game experience: buying seeds will let you plant a garden, plain body wash help pet clean.

Party Town monetize by soft currency and hard currency. Both can be used to buy items from the stores. But some item with special style cost the hard currency – Diamonds. In fact, as the soft currency, with coins players can have their personalized house and garden, which may cost more time to finish. Players can earn certain amount of coins by these ways: log in everyday, visit players’ friends, clean the trash up, harvest in the garden, help in friends’ garden. Coins are easily to earn.

Social interaction for the game includes visiting friends, sharing photos, sending gift. Visiting friends’ house is not only a good way to earn coins, but also players can enjoy the personalized decoration of them. Click the camera at the bottom of right corner, players will get the photo at once which can be shared with friends.

As per usual for the simulation genre, Party Town is a decent game. But in the eyes of Pet Society fans, it’s far more satisfied than Pet Society. What’s worse, there are a few flaws that mar the game experience. The first is that the store hadn’t been well-organized so that players become confused with shopping the items and will be stuck in some missions. For me, I’m sticking in the mission of “buying a flowers seed” as I fail to find the flower shop. The secondly, it’s hard to drag something on pet, for example, in the tutorials missions, only players drag the food on pet’s hands can players finish the feeding.

On the whole, Party Town has the potential for the alternative of Pet Society, but the developer should work more on user experience.
Have a try at here: http://on.fb.me/11OHIGa

Hadara Palma

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