Build a Sweet Home: Happy Family Review

Happy Family is a Facebook game from Crazy Panda, a Russian casual game developer. This game was launched on December 2012 and now it’s in the Trending section of App Center.

Happy Family is a simulation game. Players will take a role as a couple who will be developing their own site and building a home, in which has a wide range of decorations. With the imagination, players can be a master of landscape designers to make a unique sweet home.

Like other Sim game genre on Facebook, players can easily get start with several tasks: kiss the husband, look around, remove the trash and buy flowers in shop to decorate the site. The tasks are finished by the traditional patterns to make a true a happy family: the husband cutting trees, building things and protecting everyone; the wife harvesting fruit, vegetables, and herbs, feeding animals. The kids just need to play. All items can be found in shop, but some of them require tools to finish the decoration. For example, after players buy and place a playground slide, Players have to put in some effort to build this, which requires screwdriver and screws to construct. Players can acquire by cutting forest trees and remove stones. As the game goes on, tools can be bought directly by Kudos, a hard currency of game.

In Happy Family, every action that requires energy also causes the characters’ moods (smile icons over their heads show this) to drop as they get tired. Energy can be restored by visiting neighbors, waiting time or for the game currency, but mood can only be lifted by interacting with family. Wife frowning? Show husband appreciation – give her a kiss! Husband tired? Talk sports to him – he’ll be touched by the participation.

The social feature for this game is the regular screens to share with friends after level up. Another engaging experience is the unique decoration from players’ neighbor. It’s not only a good way to refill the energy by visiting and helping neighbor some tasks, but a good way to see how amazing design every home can be. That is also a great encouragement for players to spend more time on this game.

The game monetizes by the hard currency: Game Kudos. With them, players can purchase tool required to complete tasks, which is also can be got by finishing some others task. The game Kudos can also be spent on energy restoration and some special items, most of which need the confirmation before taking the players’ hard currency. And soft currency can be purchased by it, which is also can be earned by the usual tasks.

Overall, Happy Family isn’t a bad game. The concept of game is sweet and peaceful players can enjoy the unambiguous tasks with the great
graphics. And with some imagination, a unique site will be easily developed. Players even can send developer messages to produce some items if they couldn’t find what they want in shop. But with so many games in simulation genre, it’s also not particularly outstanding either. So how is the game? Well, it’s worth to have a try as that’s really a nice experience when working with lovely family:). Enjoy this:


Hadara Palma

Tired of current jobs so write some reviews in her spare time, but obviously, she is quiet not good at this as the poor English and also, her sarcastic tone.     facebook   twitter   google

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