Unity Fishing Game on Facebook: Fishing Paradise 3D Review

Fishing paradise 3D is a Facebook game from Bass Professor, a legend having been entered into fishing’s hall of fame. It has been online about two months and steady growth since then. Now it’s in the Trending section of App Center. Players can also find it on Android and IOS.

Fishing paradise 3D is an in-depth fishing simulator. Players will take a role as a professional angler. He will travel to 14 beautiful 3D rendered locations from around the world. No matter in Hawaii or Mekong River, players can catch up to 50 different species and turn the site into a Fishing Paradise.

When first enter the game, players will be welcomed by Doug Hannon, who is also the guide. The gameplay for this game is very easy. Players begin the hunt by pressing “Cast” button at the left of the screen and then wait seconds to catch. After the fish is caught, what players need to do is hold the reel. Two bars would be available when players are reeling. The green bar is the strength of the fish. The bigger the fish, the harder the fight. Some fish are more aggressive and will fight more than others, which will make the bar turn red. The blue bar is the line tension. If the line tension meter goes too far players’ line will snap and the fish will escape.

So, how could players make a balance between them? When the fish is fighting or the line tension gets too high, let go of the reel and the line spool out a bit. Once the tension has dropped or the fish has stopped fighting, players need to start reeling in. Sometimes the fish is too big or a monster to fight so that the tackle will be broken. Well, in this game, anything can be repaired. Players can find the broken one in inventory. And then tap “use” button to select fix option, which costs coins.  

To avoid the breaking of tackle, players need some better equipment, which can be bought at the shop. It’s divided into several categories. After players bought the items, it will be available in the inventory. The equipped items are also in it but highlighted yellow. Make sure to equip the better item before go fishing, the monster could probably be hunt.

Players can have their own site by setting up different buildings. Buildings have unique features. Some generate income, bait and unlock features to make the site attractive to fishermen. For example, a breeding pond can breed fish, by which players can increase fish population in the lakes and produce fish stock. But each lakes environment is suited for certain species. Building costs time and coins. Old building can be sold by selecting the sell button at the bottom left corner and tap on the building players want to sell.

Like other simulation games, this game uses the energy system. Stamina is use to catch the rod and will restore over time or by hat. The other energy is like stamina, but used for different tasks on the site. Some building will increase max energy.

The game monetizes primarily through the Shiners, as the hard currency, it can buy coins, recover the energy and better equipment. The social feature is the tournament, where players can compete with other fishermen around the world for prizes. Players can find it in the location description after select map.

Overall, Fishing Paradise 3D is a nice game. Powered by Unity 3D, players can enjoy the best experience of fishing game. When fishing, the floating boat with the wave make players feel like drifting. And also, the game is developed by the legend – Doug Hannon, though sadly he passed away recently. This game is well worth to have a try, especially for the fans of fishing. The flaw for this game is that, maybe the developers should give this game a unique name as it’s similar with another fishing game - Reel Fishing Paradise 3D.



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