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During the carnival of game – GDC, announced that they’re changing their name to King and releasing two new entries in the Saga series.

The two new games are Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. You can play these in facebook and mobile devices.  Papa Pear Saga is described in its press release as “an inventive reinterpretation of the iconic Japanese Pachinko games.” n the game, players are tasked with making each Papa Pear shot bounce on as many objects as possible before landing in each bucket. The title will be packed with 60 levels at launch as well as with three different game modes and several boosters to help users progress through the game.

The second game is Farm Heroes Saga, a match-3 game where players are tasked with stopping Rancid the industrialist raccoon from laying waste to all the world’s farms. Is it just me or is this game trying to convey some kind of message? Regardless, what little I saw of Farm Heroes Saga gives me the inkling that it will be another match-3 hit for King.

The Candy Crush Saga make King hottest topic in GDC. Maybe it can become another Zynga? Well, let’s keep an eye on the new games at this moment. 

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