ChefVille tutorials series: 15. Buy a Boston Marathon Memorial Apron for charity

After the horrible events that took place at this year's Boston Marathon, Zynga has stepped up to the plate once more to gather donations to help victims. If you're interested in making a donation, and you also play ChefVille, you can now head into the game menu and purchase "The One Fund Boston Apron."

This Apron is a clothing item for your avatar that can be found under the "Accessories" section inside the game's avatar editor. It costs 30 Chef Cash to purchase, which is a flat cost of $5 USD. Zynga will donate 100% of its profits on the item to "The One Fund Boston," which will in turn help those citizens affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.

It's worth noting that if you purchase this Apron while playing ChefVille on, the full $5 donation value will go to The One Fund Boston, but if you purchase while playing on Facebook, 30% will be lost to Facebook itself as part of the standard purchasing algorithm there. Either way, if you're interested in making a donation, make sure to do so sooner, rather than later, as this Apron won't be available for long.
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