Plants VS Zombies 2 Hack and Cheats for Android Featured

Plants VS Zombies 2 has been online on IOS for months, but Popcap doesn’t tell us when Android versions will be released. Several days ago an unguarded
comment by head of EA Labels admitted that, ‘Apple gave us a truckload of money to delay the Android version [of Plants Vs. Zombies 2]’. Well, the detailed date for Android maybe still uncertainty, which depends on the money EA had made. My Nexus 4 has to wait some time to install this game.


But on September 12, Popcap released the Chinese version on Android. I feel so surprise. Chinese market is important for Popcap. While as we know, intellectual property rights in China are critical. Many games are cracked, including this Plant VS Zombies 2. With the help of Google translate, I try to search “Plant VS Zombies 2” in Chinese. Many results were displayed. Finally, I find a download link in Baidu, the most popular search engine in China. I install it in Bluestacks, a product enabling Android applications on PC. It works! There are more than 10 thousands diamonds in game and many plants are unlocked, which they should be brought by hard currency. Yes, Popcap may calculate this solution. All their loss can be earned by developing more expensive booster item. But the paid users would feel tricked as they can be easily got just a click!


Of course, in Android, pirated copies are so common, not only in Plants VS Zombies. That’s the main reason why Android version is delayed. We hope that in the future, Android can get through it. If anyone is interested in this hacked app, check the download below. You should use Google translate to help you. I strongly recommend you uninstall it after you have a trial for it. It’s just the Chinese version so we couldn’t be read anything but imagine.
Plants VS Zombies (about 10 thousands diamonds in it):

Bluestacks (enabling Android applications on PC)

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